Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fuck the Troops

Yesterday was the first Armed Forces Day in Britain. This is a repulsive attempt to import American-style demagoguery into Britain. British politicians, distressed by popular anger at the Iraq war and the lies that surrounded it, looked with envious eyes at America : a country of blind followers where the people are brainwashed into extreme nationalism from their earliest years, and, as a result, are always willing to follow their Fuhrer unquestioningly into the next abyss. If only the British people could be mindless, flag-worshipping zombies, too, thought Blair et al. "I know. Let's import some of those indoctrination rituals the Americans have," said someone, "the Pledge of Allegiance, Veterans' Day, all that jazz."

So now we have it : Armed Forces Day. It's incredible to me that anyone could look at George Bush's America and conclude that we need to become more like them: that unquestioning obedience to authority is good and veneration of people in uniform is admirable. But that is what our politicians believe.

This initiative is a systematic attempt to debase and coarsen our democracy. Democracy, functioning properly, ought to be about rational debate; comprehensively airing arguments pro and con a particular proposal. This Armed Forces Day, and its concomitant changes, is an attempt to substitute blind emotionalism for reason. The accompanying "Support the Troops" demagoguery is an attempt to shut down reasoned debate on issues of war and peace. Thanks to Democratic pusillanimity, it proved remarkably successful in America. I do not believe it can succeed in Britain since the British people have more sense.

Nonetheless, I want to offer my own response to the "Support the Troops" club with which the warmongers attempt to beat down their opposition. Fuck the troops. Fuck the murdering, torturing troops. Fuck the retards who couldn't pass their exams at school then "joined up to do their bit" because they couldn't get any other job. I'm supposed to respect you because you go off to some third-world wasteland and murder innocent brown people because some scumbag in a suit back in London told you to do it? Fuck you.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Saakashvili Sends in the Thugs Again

So the West's supposed democratic champion in Central Asia (actually a pitiful American puppet) sends in the thugs again to beat up protesters and journalists. Of course, while the suppression of democratic protest in Iran is being covered extensively by the Western media, you will struggle to find any coverage of similar events in Georgia at all.

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel has an interesting article this week on the EU commission that was investigating the comic-opera war in the Caucasus last year. Apparently they have found no evidence whatsoever to support Saakashvili's contention that a Russian tank column was rolling towards Georgia prior to hostilities beginning. They have, however, found many indications that Georgia was actively planning hostilities against the separatist regions.

This should come as a surprise to no one. When the tie-munching Manchurian candidate assumed power in 2003, he promised to recover Georgia's lost territories within 5 years. Almost exactly five years later, military action begins.

No doubt the findings of the commission will be watered down when its final report is produced. According to Der Spiegel, the Swiss diplomat in charge of the commission is known for going out of her way to avoid overly harsh judgements against any party to a conflict. And she was too afraid to ask the Americans about their role in events, despite the curious fact that, when the war broke out, no one in the American bureaucracy was willing to take a call from the Russian minister who attempted to establish contact.