Thursday, 2 July 2009

Turkish Accession to the EU

The spectre of Turkish accession to the EU continues to loom ever larger. Even though the French and German governments are now opposed to it, they seem to have been unable or unwilling to stop it. All they have done is slow it down. This week another chapter of the accession negotiations, the 11th out of 35, was opened. This week, also, the Swedish EU presidency begins. Sweden has been embarrassingly eager to welcome the Turks into the EU and plans to push the issue forward.

It seems that Turkish accession is rolling inexorably on and cannot be stopped. It can only be speeded up or slowed down. Eventually, if things go on as they are, there will be a configuration of EU leaders sufficiently favourable to the idea to make it happen for real. Those who care about the future of Europe, and see Turkish accession as a threat to the potential that the EU represents, are going to have to mobilise to stop this nightmare from becoming real. Even though the EU is run almost like the Soviet Union, with an almost total disregard for its people, we're going to have to try and exploit whatever democratic options are available. Bombard your elected representatives with letters objecting to Turkish accession. We just have to hope that, in the end, it will have some effect.

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