Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Stop Blair

Blair is once again being touted as a candidate for the EU presidency. John Palmer in the Guardian suggests this is a cunning ploy by the British government to have Blair lose, win some bargaining power from the perceived disappointment and use that to get a Brit into some other important job. Well, let's hope so. But take nothing for granted. This might just happen, so let's do what we can to oppose it, which admittedly is not much. At least sign this Stop Blair petition.

Blair is despised throughout Europe and in Britain too. You have to wonder what goes through the heads of the EU leaders who are seriously considering appointing him. These people look down on their own populations with quasi-monarchical disdain. They seem to really believe that democracy doesn't matter and that we've transitioned into a kind of post-democratic era. Unfortunately, sooner or later this attitude is going to produce a reaction, most likely one that shatters the European Union completely. Those of us who value the European Union and appreciate its world-transforming potential need to push for it to be democratised before the idiots in charge of it now destroy it altogether.

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