Friday, 31 July 2009

The Enserfment of Britain

I once mocked the Czechs on this blog for writing to Obama begging him to change his mind on the missile defence deployment in their country. It struck me as peculiarly pitiful that these East European losers had so despaired of influencing the politicians in their own country to implement the democratic will of their own people, who were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea, that they had taken to writing to the leader of a foreign country in an attempt to secure a change in a political decision at home. Their own politicians were so mesmerised by America that they knew normal democratic pressure would avail nothing.

How embarrassing is it for me then to note that the same phenomenon has now arrived in Britain? In short, very. As the Gary McKinnon story appears to be winding towards its climax, with almost every avenue of appeal having been exhausted, and cringing Labour MPs having voted to reject calls to reconsider the extradition and the treaty that facilitated it, including some especially spineless MPs who had previously called publicly for such a reconsideration, McKinnon's last hope is an appeal for mercy addressed to the great emperor Obama. The letter is being put together by the National Autistic Society and a cross-party group of MPs. It calls on Obama to review the McKinnon extradition request.

How profoundly shameful that we now have the spectacle of British MPs calling on the leader of a foreign country to change the policy of the British government. Britain has joined the east Europeans in the Serf Club.

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