Sunday, 26 July 2009

The East European Quisling Club

If you've got a strong stomach, take a look at this joint letter addressed to Massah Obama from the East European Quisling Club. It's the most cringe-worthy display of servility I've seen since George Galloway praised Saddam Hussein for his "indefatigability."

"We understand the heavy demands on your Administration and on U.S. foreign policy. It is not our intent to add to the list of problems you face. Rather, we want to help by being strong Atlanticist allies in a U.S.-European partnership that is a powerful force for good around the world."

"...First, we are convinced that America needs Europe and that Europe needs the United States as much today as in the past. The United States should reaffirm its vocation as a European power and make clear that it plans to stay fully engaged on the continent even while it faces the pressing challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the wider Middle East, and Asia. For our part we must work at home in our own countries and in Europe more generally to convince our leaders and societies to adopt a more global perspective and be prepared to shoulder more responsibility in partnership with the United States."

Translation: we're ready to send our soldiers to die as auxiliaries in all your goofy wars, Massah.

"The danger is that Russia's creeping intimidation and influence-peddling in the region could over time lead to a de facto neutralization of the region."

Neutralisation? Neutralisation in what? These clowns actually see themselves as part of some ongoing Cold War.

"We must also recognize that America's popularity and influence have fallen in many of our countries as well. Public opinions polls, including the German Marshall Fund's own Transatlantic Trends survey, show that our region has not been immune to the wave of criticism and anti-Americanism that has swept Europe in recent years and which led to a collapse in sympathy and support for the United States during the Bush years. Some leaders in the region have paid a political price for their support of the unpopular war in Iraq. In the future they may be more careful in taking political risks to support the United States."

These pitiful quislings conduct themselves just as the communist apparatchiks of old did, lamenting that their "publics" don't quite see things in the right, ideologically pure way. The plebs have these crazy, selfish ideas about just being free countries, beholden to no one, not participating in mad, foreign wars, not playing host to useless missile bases that stir up tensions with neighbours and turn their countries into military targets, not letting foreign soldiers rampage around their countries with special "Status of Forces" agreements that make them immune to the country's laws.

Justin Raimondo offers insightful commentary on the letter here.

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