Sunday, 26 July 2009

Denis MacShame - Enemy of Britain

Dennis MacShame published a piece in the Guardian yesterday arguing for the use of Nazi metaphors in relation to Israel to be made illegal(!). I posted a few comments on the article, all of which were purged by the Guardian censors.

I'll reproduce only one here : "The Guardian comments page has turned into a showcase example of exactly the kind of arbitrary, bureaucratic netherworld - in which low-brow, low-paid functionaries lord it over the rest of us - that the MacShames of this world want to see extended across Britain, and Europe, as a whole, a country threaded with their thought-crime boobytraps that we'll all have to go around being careful not to step into."

Many other comments were purged too, including those which seemed to be completely inoffensive and merely provided links to articles about MacShame's shameless plundering of the public purse, by buying eight laptops in three years, all charged to the British taxpayer of course. Some of these purchases were even in successive months, supposedly to keep up with the "advance of technology". Cor blimey, Den, I didn't know technology was advancing so rapidly that people had to buy a new laptop every month.

On a positively surreal note, MacShame also rented his own garage from his own home from himself, supposedly as office space, at an astonishing cost to the British taxpayer of £125,000 over seven years.

In his almost infinite pandering to Israeli interests, MacShame seems much like an American politician. He loses no opportunity to trot out the charge of anti-semitism or call for the creation of further thought crimes.

I did a little research on MacShame. It seems he used to work for the BBC, but was sacked for gross dishonesty. According to the book "Radio Drama" by Tim Crook, parts of which you can read on Google Books, MacShame called in to his own radio station and criticised a Conservative MP, posing as an outraged member of the public.

It's amazing that someone with such a track record of dishonesty is allowed to become a Labour MP and later a government minister; and it's certainly no surprise that he is later shown to have been extorting every penny he could from the suffering British taxpayer.

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