Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Good Pole

I've been fairly harsh about East Europeans, and Poles in particular, on this blog. So it's only fair that I should give praise where it's due. Step forward, Krystian Zimerman, a classical pianist who interrupted his Los Angeles performance to harangue his American audience, demanding that they leave his country alone. Having fulfilled a vow not to perform in America while Bush remained president, Zimerman is miffed that Obama doesn't seem to be much better and plans to continue with Bush's missile shield project, unless Europe gives in to his blackmail on the Iran issue, of course.

Of course, the general submissiveness that the East Europeans exhibit towards the Americans has always been largely a question of the political elites, rather than the ordinary people. It would be good to see ordinary East Europeans speak out a bit more, as Zimerman has done, against the government quislings.

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