Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Good Pole

I've been fairly harsh about East Europeans, and Poles in particular, on this blog. So it's only fair that I should give praise where it's due. Step forward, Krystian Zimerman, a classical pianist who interrupted his Los Angeles performance to harangue his American audience, demanding that they leave his country alone. Having fulfilled a vow not to perform in America while Bush remained president, Zimerman is miffed that Obama doesn't seem to be much better and plans to continue with Bush's missile shield project, unless Europe gives in to his blackmail on the Iran issue, of course.

Of course, the general submissiveness that the East Europeans exhibit towards the Americans has always been largely a question of the political elites, rather than the ordinary people. It would be good to see ordinary East Europeans speak out a bit more, as Zimerman has done, against the government quislings.

World's Best Cities

Mercer has just published its latest report on the world's best cities, ranked by the quality of life they offer. 13 of the top 20 cities are European. There is not one continental American city in the top 20. The first American cities in the rankings are Honolulu in 29th place and San Francisco in 30th. But it's still the greatest country in the world, right? Right. Just not for the people who live there.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Obama Spits in Europe's Face

In his speech in Prague last week, Obama was essentially spitting in Europe's face. It's clear that the Americans have decided to give up on the goofy missile shield plans that were pushed forward by Bush. Rather than just announce that, though, they've decided to extract a few pounds of flesh in return for doing what they've already decided to do. So a new idea is floated : the missile shield stays as long as a missile threat from Iran remains. In other words, the Americans are now using it as a scam to get Russia and the EU to go along with their war-mongering on Iran.

It's a grotesque insult to Europe to even suggest that the preposterous missile shield project has anything to do with Iran. That was just the cover story used (ineffectually) to soothe Russia. No one in Europe ever had any doubt about who the missile shield was aimed at, as shown by the unseemly eagerness with which the braindead Poles rushed to embrace it after Russia's spat with Georgia last year. For Obama to tell Europeans with a straight face that the missile shield is aimed at Iran is a sign of the inherent contempt with which he views us.

Let's not forget how significant the missile shield issue is in certain parts of Europe. It was a causative factor in the recent collapse of the Czech government, for example. But rather than help his puppets out by announcing that the measure is being withdrawn, Obama is happy to dangle it for a bit longer, leaving his minions to stew in the juices of their own fecklessness.

The whole scenario is almost surreal. America has persuaded Europe to accept a thing it does not want, then offers to take it away if Europe will help it beat up some other hapless victim country. Imagine a local mafia capo persuaded you to accept a giant screen in your garden which had the effect of blocking out the sun. A bit later, he comes along again and offers to take it away if you'll help him assassinate a guy he doesn't like and steal all the stuff from his house. That's the position we're now in. The obvious question is why you agreed to install the thing in the first place.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Obama Urges Turkey's Admission to the European Union

So the Magic Negro comes to Europe and tells us that we need to let Turkey into the European Union? Sarkozy splutters and says that, while he supports Obama generally, on this issue he disagrees with him. This is not a satisfactory response.

The appropriate response from Europeans to the American plan to get Turkey into the European Union is simply to tell them to shut up about it. It is not appropriate for America to even express an opinion on whether or not a certain country, no matter which one, should become a member of the European Union. That is a matter for Europeans alone.

European leaders should tell the Americans that we think they need to integrate with Mexico and become the United States of Americo. Once they've done that, we'll be happy to listen to their views on Turkey.

But really we should go further than that. From the start, this whole mad project of admitting a giant, non-European country with an utterly alien culture into the European Union has been an American project. Initially designed to secure Turkish acquiesence in American cold war plans, it is now clearly intended to weaken the European Union. Its goal is to destroy such cultural (and therefore) moral homogeneity as exists within the European Union currently by introducing a new member (whose population might ultimately constitute one third of the total) whose view of the world is vastly different from our own. Europe will then have no capacity for independent action. It will be able to unite only when rallied by American demands. That is the American vision of Europe's future.

The American lobbying on the Turkish issue is, fundamentally, a hostile act. The appropriate response from European leaders would be to demand not only that America cease to talk to them about the issue, but that it cease to talk to anyone about the issue. This is a hostile act and we perceive it as such, we should say. Cross us on this issue and we will cross you on other issues.

That would be the response in a Europe run by and for Europeans. With Europe as it is currently constituted, however, rife with quisling governments toadying to a foreign empire, we have no chance of seeing so vigorous a response.