Sunday, 4 October 2009

The Tie-Muncher Claims the EU Report Vindicated Him

And all three Georgian television stations go along with this attempt to invert reality. This is a champion of democracy?

Monday, 31 August 2009

Appeasement - the Foundational Myth of American Supremacism and British Peonage

In the Times today William Rees-Mogg dared to raise the question of whether Chamberlain's "appeasement" policy was really as bad as it is usually made out to be. Not much substance to the article, really, but it's interesting that he dares to raise the issue at all.

For American supremacists, and their British quislings, the "appeasement" episode forms the cornerstone of their entire worldview.

I posted a reply to the Rees-Mogg article which was blocked by The Times website censors, so I'll reproduce it in full here :

"Appeasement was the right choice for Britain, both before the war started and after it. The Rudolf Hess flight was a peace overture. It should have been accepted. The smart play for Britain was to divert Hitler into a war with Stalin, while we sat on the sidelines, husbanding our strength. The idiot play was the one Churchill conducted.

It led to the absolute ruin of Britain: the loss of all the wealth accumulated over hundreds of years; the British empire gone thanks to the free trade policy that the Americans shamefully foisted upon us in our moment of weakness; and, of course, we emerged from the war as peons in the service of a barbarously belligerent foreign empire - a peonage that has continued to this day. In other words our "victory" achieved exactly what we nominally fought the war to prevent. This must be accounted the greatest Pyrrhic victory in all of history.

What makes it all the more painful is that all of our military efforts were in vain. They barely affected the outcome of the war in any way. We lost almost every battle we fought against the Germans. The British Army vs. the Wehrmacht was like a pub team vs. the Premier League champions. The Soviets defeated the Nazis (accounting for 90% of German casualties) and would have defeated them regardless of what we did.

It's one of the supreme ironies of world history that we venerate Churchill as the man who saved Britain, when, in truth, he is the man who destroyed it."

To anyone who wants to get a true picture of the revered Churchill and the catastrophic consequences of his misrule, I recommend reading the following books:

If you're only going to read one anti-Churchill book, read Nigel Knight's. It covers Churchill's entire career, and demonstrates convincingly that the Greatest Briton was a train wreck on two legs who left a trail of carnage behind him throughout his government service. Among other things, Churchill was responsible for one of the greatest catastrophes in British military history at Gallipoli; and for the ruination of the British economy during the early 20s when he was Chancellor, provoking Britain's only general strike. He was also a big fan of Mussolini, which will certainly come as a great surprise to those of his fanboys who hail him as the great anti-fascist.

"Churchill, the Greatest Briton Unmasked" by Nigel Knight.

Picknett et. al. write mainly semi-conspiratorially-minded books on unusual subjects, such as the paranormal. Here they tackle the real world. Their perspectives are interesting. I don't always agree with their judgements, but they are certainly thought-provoking. Serious research has gone into these books and they shouldn't be dismissed as mere conspiracy mongering.

"Friendly Fire - the Secret War Between the Allies" by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior.

"Double Standards: the Rudolf Hess Cover-up" by Lynn Picknett, Clive Prince and Stephen Prior.

John Charmley is a serious, professional historian. He critiques Churchill and the American peonage he helped bring about from an old skool right-wing perspective.

"Churchill : the End of Glory" by John Charmley.

"Churchill's Grand Alliance: the Anglo-American Special Relationship" by John Charmley.

Lamb's book is primarily a chronicle of Churchill's wartime ineptitude, telling of how he was drunk in important meetings; would ramble on with irrelevancies for hours as if he was senile; would become obsessed with some remote piece of land somewhere which he would convince himself held supreme strategic significance, requiring the top military professionals to expend extraordinary efforts trying to talk him down from his lunatic plans to assault or capture it.

Strangely, Lamb considers himself a Churchill fan. Although he acknowledges the ineptitude, he seems to think Churchill's ability to inspire made up for it. I beg to differ. You have to give Lamb credit, though. He lays the facts down coldly on the table, even when many would see them as refuting the basis of his own admiration. Not many historians have the gumption to do that.

"Churchill as War Leader" by Richard Lamb

Friday, 21 August 2009

America's Unreasoning Rage

OK so I owe Kenny MacAskill an apology after having previously doubted his intestinal fortitude. He summoned up the courage to say no to the Americans. Of course, the American government was probably only going through the motions of protesting anyway. The truth is that they are quite happy to see the appeal procedure brought to an end by Megrahi's release on compassionate grounds because it might well have brought some of the truth behind the Lockerbie incident to light.

Still, you have to marvel at America's capacity for blind, unreasoning rage. It's fully on display here in this Comments page at the New York Times. These people have no interest in the facts. They don't care that Megrahi is almost certainly innocent. They just want someone to blame. Several announce that they'll be boycotting Scotland and Scottish products. And to think that Scottish politicians have sent Scottish soldiers to die alongside Americans in their senseless wars. Yet just releasing a dying man with a few weeks of life remaining to him provokes this bitter rancour.

It's easy to see where Bush drew his support from. And to think that this is America's most elite, highbrow newspaper, too. Unfortunately, this is also the kind of rabid animosity that has been defining world events for the decade or so and Scotland, Britain and Europe have been shamefully complicit in going along with it. The incident has yielded an important insight into the emotional well-springs of American policy in the world - and how utterly contemptible it is.

Monday, 17 August 2009

Kenny MacAskill's Cowardice

It seems American pressure has brought a temporary halt to the plans of the Scottish government to release the hapless patsy convicted of the Lockerbie bombing. (If you need a refresher on why the original verdict was flawed, I recommend this article by William Blum). If American pressure ultimately prevails here, it will be a matter of profound shame and embarrassment both for Scotland and for Britain. It's also a textbook example of how many Europeans are deeply and irrationally psyched out by America. How Americans view them is tremendously important to these mental weaklings. It's a kind of psychological colonisation. In this case, that becomes particularly clear because there is absolutely nothing that the Americans could do to Scotland to exact retribution or express their displeasure. The Scottish government does not have any foreign relationships at all. It is barred from conducting foreign relations by the terms of the devolution settlement. Yet even in this case, where there is nothing to lose, Europeans are still so psyched out by the Americans that they abase themselves in front of the hegemon.

While we're on the subject, isn't it striking how amazingly flexible the attributions of these terrorist attacks are? There are a certain number of Middle Eastern attacks discussion of which constantly crops up. Khobar Towers, for example, the Lebanon barracks bombing, the BlackHawk Down incident, etc. Over the years, the Americans have blamed these incidents on any number of state or non-state actors. They are like Rorschach blots on to which the Americans can project whatever they want. Professional lunatic Laurie Mylroie once wrote a book blaming just about every terrorist incident in the last two decades on Iraq. Leading neo-cons, such as Paul Wolfowitz, praised the book. Now that they've been there and done that, killed all those brown people and are looking for the next set of victims, the same incidents are reinterpreted to finger the current enemy du jour: Iran.

The attributions shift as American relationships with the countries in question change, just like the Lockerbie bombings were originally blamed on Iran and Syria, backed by supposedly compelling evidence, before those countries' support in the first Iraq war became necessary and the blame was deflected on to the less supportive Libya.

Monday, 10 August 2009

Georgian Opposition Leader Nino Burjanadze Denounces Saakashvili

The tie-munching Saakashvili has been bleating his propaganda through op-eds in virtually all of Europe's broadsheet newspapers in the last few days. You only need to read the reader comments to his articles (despite the best efforts of the Guardian censors to screen out any dissent, including purging my comment just because it contained the phrase "tie-muncher") to see that the people of Europe have not been fooled by his lies.

Meanwhile, Saakashvili's former colleague Nino Burjanadze gave an interview to Spanish newspaper El Pais in which she denounced Saakshvili's continuing infringement of democratic norms.

I have translated some extracts from the interview below :

After the visit of the US Vice-President Joseph Biden, Saakashvili said that democratic reforms are deepening in Georgia. The opposite happened. Since Biden’s visit, everything has got worse. There are illegal arrests and more than 100 people in jail with false accusations of possessing drugs or weapons. They are judged in 15 minutes and everyone knows that they are political prisoners, party activists, punished for participating in demonstrations. In early August various members of our party were kidnapped and beaten (Democratic Movement – United Georgia). Look at this photograph. It’s like a horror film (shows a torso with two holes which look like the mark left by a giant drill). He was the ex world karate champion, AmirĂ¡n Bitsadze, who was beaten, tortured and shot in the side with a rubber bullet. It happened on the 2nd of August and everyone knows that the special police units did it and it’s not the first time.

Q: Do you feel safe here?

If anything happened to me or my family, there would be a big international scandal. As the ex-head of parliament and ex-acting president, I had a legal right to protection, but Saakashvili took my escort away in January for having crossed over to the opposition. I am now looking after myself, but what about the others? When we published the photo of Bitsadze people couldn’t believe it. His attackers wanted to show that I couldn’t take care of my people and that if they did this to a world karate champion, a giant with colossal strength, they could do the same to anyone. High officials in the police, who are so far unpunished, are linked to the death of one of the organisers of the demonstrations protesting against Saakashvili.

For the president, I am the enemy number one and for him it is very important to discredit me and my party. They approached six states requesting that they investigate whether my husband, who until six months ago was a lieutenant-general working for these authorities, had illegal underworld contacts. They worked hard to try and prove something against him or against me but they didn’t manage it.

...By presenting himself as a Western leader, Saakashvili is discrediting western values in Georgia...

...If Obama supports him like Bush did, the frustration against the West that already exists here will increase further.


Here's a bit more on this former world karate champion who was beaten up by Saakashvili's thugs.

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Britain Goes Native on Its Former Colony

Back in the old empire days, we had a phrase for those who forgot the basic elements of Britishness, and got too caught up in the strange mores of whatever imperial dominion they happened to be residing in : going native.

I used to think that Tony Blair was the only Briton who had ever managed to go native on one of the colonies without actually living there; but now I see that there are many others like him.

The increasing adoption of American mores and terminology in Britain is a sign of a country that has lost touch with its own soul. Blair's push for a "Supreme Court" and a "Freedom of Information Act" was a sign of someone who was so psyched out by America that it went well beyond the realm of the rational. America had invaded and occupied the deepest, subconscious layers of his psyche.

Now we see a similar phenomenon spreading across the whole of Britain. As this report in the Times indicates, many British schools have now adopted the grotesque American practice of hosting a "school prom." Those Britons with any sense of self-respect left must cringe at this absurd importation.

Friday, 31 July 2009

The Enserfment of Britain

I once mocked the Czechs on this blog for writing to Obama begging him to change his mind on the missile defence deployment in their country. It struck me as peculiarly pitiful that these East European losers had so despaired of influencing the politicians in their own country to implement the democratic will of their own people, who were overwhelmingly opposed to the idea, that they had taken to writing to the leader of a foreign country in an attempt to secure a change in a political decision at home. Their own politicians were so mesmerised by America that they knew normal democratic pressure would avail nothing.

How embarrassing is it for me then to note that the same phenomenon has now arrived in Britain? In short, very. As the Gary McKinnon story appears to be winding towards its climax, with almost every avenue of appeal having been exhausted, and cringing Labour MPs having voted to reject calls to reconsider the extradition and the treaty that facilitated it, including some especially spineless MPs who had previously called publicly for such a reconsideration, McKinnon's last hope is an appeal for mercy addressed to the great emperor Obama. The letter is being put together by the National Autistic Society and a cross-party group of MPs. It calls on Obama to review the McKinnon extradition request.

How profoundly shameful that we now have the spectacle of British MPs calling on the leader of a foreign country to change the policy of the British government. Britain has joined the east Europeans in the Serf Club.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Denis MacShame - Enemy of Britain

Dennis MacShame published a piece in the Guardian yesterday arguing for the use of Nazi metaphors in relation to Israel to be made illegal(!). I posted a few comments on the article, all of which were purged by the Guardian censors.

I'll reproduce only one here : "The Guardian comments page has turned into a showcase example of exactly the kind of arbitrary, bureaucratic netherworld - in which low-brow, low-paid functionaries lord it over the rest of us - that the MacShames of this world want to see extended across Britain, and Europe, as a whole, a country threaded with their thought-crime boobytraps that we'll all have to go around being careful not to step into."

Many other comments were purged too, including those which seemed to be completely inoffensive and merely provided links to articles about MacShame's shameless plundering of the public purse, by buying eight laptops in three years, all charged to the British taxpayer of course. Some of these purchases were even in successive months, supposedly to keep up with the "advance of technology". Cor blimey, Den, I didn't know technology was advancing so rapidly that people had to buy a new laptop every month.

On a positively surreal note, MacShame also rented his own garage from his own home from himself, supposedly as office space, at an astonishing cost to the British taxpayer of £125,000 over seven years.

In his almost infinite pandering to Israeli interests, MacShame seems much like an American politician. He loses no opportunity to trot out the charge of anti-semitism or call for the creation of further thought crimes.

I did a little research on MacShame. It seems he used to work for the BBC, but was sacked for gross dishonesty. According to the book "Radio Drama" by Tim Crook, parts of which you can read on Google Books, MacShame called in to his own radio station and criticised a Conservative MP, posing as an outraged member of the public.

It's amazing that someone with such a track record of dishonesty is allowed to become a Labour MP and later a government minister; and it's certainly no surprise that he is later shown to have been extorting every penny he could from the suffering British taxpayer.

The East European Quisling Club

If you've got a strong stomach, take a look at this joint letter addressed to Massah Obama from the East European Quisling Club. It's the most cringe-worthy display of servility I've seen since George Galloway praised Saddam Hussein for his "indefatigability."

"We understand the heavy demands on your Administration and on U.S. foreign policy. It is not our intent to add to the list of problems you face. Rather, we want to help by being strong Atlanticist allies in a U.S.-European partnership that is a powerful force for good around the world."

"...First, we are convinced that America needs Europe and that Europe needs the United States as much today as in the past. The United States should reaffirm its vocation as a European power and make clear that it plans to stay fully engaged on the continent even while it faces the pressing challenges in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the wider Middle East, and Asia. For our part we must work at home in our own countries and in Europe more generally to convince our leaders and societies to adopt a more global perspective and be prepared to shoulder more responsibility in partnership with the United States."

Translation: we're ready to send our soldiers to die as auxiliaries in all your goofy wars, Massah.

"The danger is that Russia's creeping intimidation and influence-peddling in the region could over time lead to a de facto neutralization of the region."

Neutralisation? Neutralisation in what? These clowns actually see themselves as part of some ongoing Cold War.

"We must also recognize that America's popularity and influence have fallen in many of our countries as well. Public opinions polls, including the German Marshall Fund's own Transatlantic Trends survey, show that our region has not been immune to the wave of criticism and anti-Americanism that has swept Europe in recent years and which led to a collapse in sympathy and support for the United States during the Bush years. Some leaders in the region have paid a political price for their support of the unpopular war in Iraq. In the future they may be more careful in taking political risks to support the United States."

These pitiful quislings conduct themselves just as the communist apparatchiks of old did, lamenting that their "publics" don't quite see things in the right, ideologically pure way. The plebs have these crazy, selfish ideas about just being free countries, beholden to no one, not participating in mad, foreign wars, not playing host to useless missile bases that stir up tensions with neighbours and turn their countries into military targets, not letting foreign soldiers rampage around their countries with special "Status of Forces" agreements that make them immune to the country's laws.

Justin Raimondo offers insightful commentary on the letter here.

Friday, 24 July 2009

We need a new hate speech law

There are so many initiatives underay to ban or restrict free speech these days that it's getting hard to keep track of them all. The latest is a suggestion that using a Nazi analogy in relation to Israel should be made a criminal offence.

Those pushing for these thought crimes to be created are the enemies of Britain, Europe and western civilisation. They represent a far greater threat to our freedoms than the mythical Al Qaeda.

My proposal is that all existing laws restricting free speech be done away with, and a single all-encompassing law put in their place : It is illegal to call for restrictions on free speech. Anyone doing so will be sent to prison for fifty years. We could call it the "(Ironic) Incitement to Hatred Against Freedom Act."

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Stop Blair

Blair is once again being touted as a candidate for the EU presidency. John Palmer in the Guardian suggests this is a cunning ploy by the British government to have Blair lose, win some bargaining power from the perceived disappointment and use that to get a Brit into some other important job. Well, let's hope so. But take nothing for granted. This might just happen, so let's do what we can to oppose it, which admittedly is not much. At least sign this Stop Blair petition.

Blair is despised throughout Europe and in Britain too. You have to wonder what goes through the heads of the EU leaders who are seriously considering appointing him. These people look down on their own populations with quasi-monarchical disdain. They seem to really believe that democracy doesn't matter and that we've transitioned into a kind of post-democratic era. Unfortunately, sooner or later this attitude is going to produce a reaction, most likely one that shatters the European Union completely. Those of us who value the European Union and appreciate its world-transforming potential need to push for it to be democratised before the idiots in charge of it now destroy it altogether.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Turkey Violates EU Airspace

Turkey has recently been stepping up its violations of EU airspace, and is now extending them to populated areas. This is something that Turkey does routinely. Apparently, EU airspace is violated by Turkish military aircraft about 1,500 times on average each year, so about 5 times per day. Is it not absolutely astonishing that we are seriously considering extending EU membership to a country that conducts itself like a potential adversary, routinely making threatening gestures to us?

Monday, 13 July 2009

New movement on the David Kelly Case

It's nice to see some movement on the long-dormant David Kelly case. A group of doctors has produced a report challenging the "suicide" verdict. Of course, the suicide verdict was always absurd. Cutting your wrists is a popular way of committing suicide in Hollywood movies, but, in reality, it's close to impossible to kill yourself in that way. For example, in the year David Kelly died, not a single other person in the whole of Britain died from cutting their wrists.

Georgia Report Delayed

A story I missed last week: the EU report on last year's war between Russia and Georgia has been delayed for a few months, supposedly so that the commissioners can consider new evidence appearing at the last minute. Der Spiegel already had an insider account of the report's conclusions and reported that they were extremely unfavourable to Georgia. In essence, all of Georgia's claims about Russian aggression were shown to be false and Georgia itself was shown to be the aggressor.

Most likely that is what now accounts for this delay. Pressure will be brought to bear behind the scenes to make the commissioners skew their conclusions in Georgia's favour.

Saturday, 11 July 2009

Microsoft must be stopped

Every day when I use Windows Vista I feel like Bill Gates is laughing at me. Every time I try and access the hard drive and have to wait fifteen seconds or so for the external hard drives to power up because Microsoft put some code into Vista to automatically power them down after a brief period of non-use, I feel like Gates is gloating about the fact that I have to use his software no matter what. We've all grown used to grumbling about Microsoft, much like we grumble about politicians or the weather. But, really, that has to stop. The problem of Microsoft needs to be taken more seriously. It is not a problem that has to exist; it should not be a permanent part of our mental landscape. And the solution to it is political.

Virtually everyone agrees that Microsoft Vista is a shoddy, half-baked piece of software that is extremely unpleasant to use. Stories of people downgrading back to Windows XP are legion. Yet Microsoft has made more money from this version of the operating system than any of the preceding ones. The fact that a company has achieved such monopolistic dominance that it can just rake in wads of money without regard to the quality of its product is astonishing. Even the most ardent free-marketeer acknowledges that monopolies are bad things; that they damage the public weal; and that government intervention is required to mitigate that damage. But what intervention have we seen to deal with the Microsoft monopoly?

None that is effective. The US anti-monopoly action died with the Clinton administration. Many American politicians are happy that an American company has achieved such dominance in the global IT sphere. They don't want to do anything to tamper with that. Apart from the tide of revenue it brings into their country, they most likely extract numerous other advantages from this arrangement. It is virtually certain that some of the top American software firms, including Microsoft, insert backdoors, like the notorious NSA key, into their software to make it easy for American spy agencies to get whatever they want from a computer belonging to one of their victims. Certainly, if you read accounts of how various terrorists are apprehended, and information extracted from their hard drives (despite being encrypted), it's curious how unchallenging that process always seems to be for the Americans. There are cases where the terrorists have employed the best readily available encryption techniques on their machines and yet that encryption is apparently penetrated with ease. This is the kind of encryption that we are told it would take a trillion supercomputers a thousand years to break and the like. Yet it never does. So what are the possible interpretations? The claims about the quality of this encryption are overblown, the terrorists have applied it incompetently, or the Americans have a backdoor that allows them to bypass it.

So we can expect no effective action from the Americans since they are happy that the monopoly is their monopoly and that the rest of the world is effectively forced to pay a monopoly tax to this incompetent American company. What have we seen from Europe? Nothing but Mickey Mouse fines and trivial actions like forcing Microsoft to separate the OS from the browser. This isn't good enough. We need the kind of action that is likely to bring the monopoly to an end over the medium term. To achieve this, I would suggest the following for consideration:

  • Ban or massively restrict special pricing arrangements, whereby Microsoft supplies its Windows software at differential prices to various other companies - in return, of course, for them obliging Microsoft in some way, such as refusing to sell computers with alternative operating systems. There should be a retail price and a wholesale price - available to all.
  • Force retailers or computer manufacturers to sell every model with at least two operating systems, or with no operating system.
  • Pass laws exposing Microsoft to legal and commercial consequences for the failings of its software. These would invalidate the vast sets of terms and conditions which Microsoft supplies with all of its products, the effect of which is to insulate Microsoft from the consequences of its own actions.
  • Create a new open-source operating system, paid for by the EU taxpayer. This would probably be a version of Linux.
  • Force Microsoft to release the source code for any version of the Windows operating system it sells in Europe and allow other companies to license that code base and use it to create and sell their own versions of Windows. Microsoft will receive a generous amount of the selling price of any new version of the operating system, allowing it to benefit from the investments it has made over time, but its monopoly would effectively be ended. Other companies would then be selling Windows versions too. And, without question, competent software companies would quickly find ways of making Windows much more user-friendly.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Turkish Accession to the EU

The spectre of Turkish accession to the EU continues to loom ever larger. Even though the French and German governments are now opposed to it, they seem to have been unable or unwilling to stop it. All they have done is slow it down. This week another chapter of the accession negotiations, the 11th out of 35, was opened. This week, also, the Swedish EU presidency begins. Sweden has been embarrassingly eager to welcome the Turks into the EU and plans to push the issue forward.

It seems that Turkish accession is rolling inexorably on and cannot be stopped. It can only be speeded up or slowed down. Eventually, if things go on as they are, there will be a configuration of EU leaders sufficiently favourable to the idea to make it happen for real. Those who care about the future of Europe, and see Turkish accession as a threat to the potential that the EU represents, are going to have to mobilise to stop this nightmare from becoming real. Even though the EU is run almost like the Soviet Union, with an almost total disregard for its people, we're going to have to try and exploit whatever democratic options are available. Bombard your elected representatives with letters objecting to Turkish accession. We just have to hope that, in the end, it will have some effect.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fuck the Troops

Yesterday was the first Armed Forces Day in Britain. This is a repulsive attempt to import American-style demagoguery into Britain. British politicians, distressed by popular anger at the Iraq war and the lies that surrounded it, looked with envious eyes at America : a country of blind followers where the people are brainwashed into extreme nationalism from their earliest years, and, as a result, are always willing to follow their Fuhrer unquestioningly into the next abyss. If only the British people could be mindless, flag-worshipping zombies, too, thought Blair et al. "I know. Let's import some of those indoctrination rituals the Americans have," said someone, "the Pledge of Allegiance, Veterans' Day, all that jazz."

So now we have it : Armed Forces Day. It's incredible to me that anyone could look at George Bush's America and conclude that we need to become more like them: that unquestioning obedience to authority is good and veneration of people in uniform is admirable. But that is what our politicians believe.

This initiative is a systematic attempt to debase and coarsen our democracy. Democracy, functioning properly, ought to be about rational debate; comprehensively airing arguments pro and con a particular proposal. This Armed Forces Day, and its concomitant changes, is an attempt to substitute blind emotionalism for reason. The accompanying "Support the Troops" demagoguery is an attempt to shut down reasoned debate on issues of war and peace. Thanks to Democratic pusillanimity, it proved remarkably successful in America. I do not believe it can succeed in Britain since the British people have more sense.

Nonetheless, I want to offer my own response to the "Support the Troops" club with which the warmongers attempt to beat down their opposition. Fuck the troops. Fuck the murdering, torturing troops. Fuck the retards who couldn't pass their exams at school then "joined up to do their bit" because they couldn't get any other job. I'm supposed to respect you because you go off to some third-world wasteland and murder innocent brown people because some scumbag in a suit back in London told you to do it? Fuck you.

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Saakashvili Sends in the Thugs Again

So the West's supposed democratic champion in Central Asia (actually a pitiful American puppet) sends in the thugs again to beat up protesters and journalists. Of course, while the suppression of democratic protest in Iran is being covered extensively by the Western media, you will struggle to find any coverage of similar events in Georgia at all.

Meanwhile, Der Spiegel has an interesting article this week on the EU commission that was investigating the comic-opera war in the Caucasus last year. Apparently they have found no evidence whatsoever to support Saakashvili's contention that a Russian tank column was rolling towards Georgia prior to hostilities beginning. They have, however, found many indications that Georgia was actively planning hostilities against the separatist regions.

This should come as a surprise to no one. When the tie-munching Manchurian candidate assumed power in 2003, he promised to recover Georgia's lost territories within 5 years. Almost exactly five years later, military action begins.

No doubt the findings of the commission will be watered down when its final report is produced. According to Der Spiegel, the Swiss diplomat in charge of the commission is known for going out of her way to avoid overly harsh judgements against any party to a conflict. And she was too afraid to ask the Americans about their role in events, despite the curious fact that, when the war broke out, no one in the American bureaucracy was willing to take a call from the Russian minister who attempted to establish contact.

Thursday, 28 May 2009

What Should Never Be Forgotten About This Financial Crisis

There's one thing that should never be forgotten about this financial crisis, but it is being forgotten and is barely mentioned at all. This crisis has come to Europe because of people who had too much faith in America. Just as our politicians had and continue to have too much faith in the Americans, so, too, did our bankers. They invested too much faith in a country that was unworthy of it.

Like our politicians, they wrongly assumed that America was a civilised nation; that it had a responsible government which would act on the basis of sound information and take steps to restrain excess rather than indulging in it.

What many Europeans don't realise is that America is essentially a banana republic. The same features are there: blind worship of El Presidente, stolen elections, excessive concentration of power in specific families, torture, politicised judiciary, unreasonably large spending on armaments. Face it. If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and every time it opens its mouth it says "Quack!" it's probably a duck. America is a banana republic. It has at least as much in common with the other countries of the American continent as it does with Europe, and it's time the people of Europe took note of this fact.

There is an interesting article in the London Review of Books, tracking the implosion of the Royal Bank of Scotland. It reveals clearly how the crisis was imported to Europe by banks that committed too much of their assets to lending in America. The core problem for Europe was not America. The core problem was Europeans who had too much faith in America.

Monday, 25 May 2009

Americans Take a Further Step to Make Themselves Immune from the Rest of the World's Laws

Americans are now taking further steps to make themselves immune from the laws of other countries. Initiatives to counteract foreign libel laws are gathering momentum, allowing Americans to countersue people who have brought libel laws against them abroad.

This is outrageous. If Americans want to publish books in Britain, they should be subject to the libel laws of Britain. If they don't want to incur that risk, they don't have to.

While it's clear that Britain's libel laws are outmoded and in need of reform, that's completely beside the point. Anyone who publishes here should be subject to our laws. I will say, though, that British judges regarding publication of material on an American website as sufficient grounds for bringing a libel case in Britain is absurd and should be stopped.

British libel laws quite properly require the person making the potentially libellous claim to prove that the claim is true. American laws take the opposite approach, requiring the person allegedly libelled to prove that the claim is false. So in America I can publish a book about you, claiming you are a child molester, and the burden of proof is on you to prove that you are not. How can you do that? How can you prove a negative? The American approach is clearly absurd.

Britain's response to these initiatives should be to introduce a new law, saying that whenever a plaintiff in a British libel case is countersued in America double the amount of any damages awarded in America are immediately awarded in Britain.

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Joe Biden in Serbia

Joe Biden is apparently going around telling other countries, like Serbia in this case, that he will help get them into the European Union. How exactly does Joe Biden have any influence over which countries get into the European Union? He will issue orders to the quisling governments in Europe. The weakness and submissiveness of European leaders is such that what ought to be European diplomatic capital actually becomes American diplomatic capital - because they exercise control over Europe.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Good Pole

I've been fairly harsh about East Europeans, and Poles in particular, on this blog. So it's only fair that I should give praise where it's due. Step forward, Krystian Zimerman, a classical pianist who interrupted his Los Angeles performance to harangue his American audience, demanding that they leave his country alone. Having fulfilled a vow not to perform in America while Bush remained president, Zimerman is miffed that Obama doesn't seem to be much better and plans to continue with Bush's missile shield project, unless Europe gives in to his blackmail on the Iran issue, of course.

Of course, the general submissiveness that the East Europeans exhibit towards the Americans has always been largely a question of the political elites, rather than the ordinary people. It would be good to see ordinary East Europeans speak out a bit more, as Zimerman has done, against the government quislings.

World's Best Cities

Mercer has just published its latest report on the world's best cities, ranked by the quality of life they offer. 13 of the top 20 cities are European. There is not one continental American city in the top 20. The first American cities in the rankings are Honolulu in 29th place and San Francisco in 30th. But it's still the greatest country in the world, right? Right. Just not for the people who live there.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Obama Spits in Europe's Face

In his speech in Prague last week, Obama was essentially spitting in Europe's face. It's clear that the Americans have decided to give up on the goofy missile shield plans that were pushed forward by Bush. Rather than just announce that, though, they've decided to extract a few pounds of flesh in return for doing what they've already decided to do. So a new idea is floated : the missile shield stays as long as a missile threat from Iran remains. In other words, the Americans are now using it as a scam to get Russia and the EU to go along with their war-mongering on Iran.

It's a grotesque insult to Europe to even suggest that the preposterous missile shield project has anything to do with Iran. That was just the cover story used (ineffectually) to soothe Russia. No one in Europe ever had any doubt about who the missile shield was aimed at, as shown by the unseemly eagerness with which the braindead Poles rushed to embrace it after Russia's spat with Georgia last year. For Obama to tell Europeans with a straight face that the missile shield is aimed at Iran is a sign of the inherent contempt with which he views us.

Let's not forget how significant the missile shield issue is in certain parts of Europe. It was a causative factor in the recent collapse of the Czech government, for example. But rather than help his puppets out by announcing that the measure is being withdrawn, Obama is happy to dangle it for a bit longer, leaving his minions to stew in the juices of their own fecklessness.

The whole scenario is almost surreal. America has persuaded Europe to accept a thing it does not want, then offers to take it away if Europe will help it beat up some other hapless victim country. Imagine a local mafia capo persuaded you to accept a giant screen in your garden which had the effect of blocking out the sun. A bit later, he comes along again and offers to take it away if you'll help him assassinate a guy he doesn't like and steal all the stuff from his house. That's the position we're now in. The obvious question is why you agreed to install the thing in the first place.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Obama Urges Turkey's Admission to the European Union

So the Magic Negro comes to Europe and tells us that we need to let Turkey into the European Union? Sarkozy splutters and says that, while he supports Obama generally, on this issue he disagrees with him. This is not a satisfactory response.

The appropriate response from Europeans to the American plan to get Turkey into the European Union is simply to tell them to shut up about it. It is not appropriate for America to even express an opinion on whether or not a certain country, no matter which one, should become a member of the European Union. That is a matter for Europeans alone.

European leaders should tell the Americans that we think they need to integrate with Mexico and become the United States of Americo. Once they've done that, we'll be happy to listen to their views on Turkey.

But really we should go further than that. From the start, this whole mad project of admitting a giant, non-European country with an utterly alien culture into the European Union has been an American project. Initially designed to secure Turkish acquiesence in American cold war plans, it is now clearly intended to weaken the European Union. Its goal is to destroy such cultural (and therefore) moral homogeneity as exists within the European Union currently by introducing a new member (whose population might ultimately constitute one third of the total) whose view of the world is vastly different from our own. Europe will then have no capacity for independent action. It will be able to unite only when rallied by American demands. That is the American vision of Europe's future.

The American lobbying on the Turkish issue is, fundamentally, a hostile act. The appropriate response from European leaders would be to demand not only that America cease to talk to them about the issue, but that it cease to talk to anyone about the issue. This is a hostile act and we perceive it as such, we should say. Cross us on this issue and we will cross you on other issues.

That would be the response in a Europe run by and for Europeans. With Europe as it is currently constituted, however, rife with quisling governments toadying to a foreign empire, we have no chance of seeing so vigorous a response.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

American Power is like Bernie Madoff's pyramid scheme

American power is like Bernie Madoff's pyramid scheme. There is nothing real backing it up. It is sustained by illusion. The pathetic European leaders scrambling for invites to the White House are like those desperate losers who begged Madoff to let them into his "exclusive" pyramid scheme. As soon as someone stops believing in the illusion, it disappears.