Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Mickey D Fights for his Fatcat Life

So Dell is trying to claw its way back from the doldrums? Mickey D is back in charge. He thinks the company hasn't focused enough on retail; hasn't paid enough attention to ordinary punters; and has remained rigidly stuck in its old ways. That's what accounts for the dip in its fortunes, according to him.

What apparently hasn't occurred to him is that many people are now boycotting his failing company because they know that he has handed over wads of cash to Bush : a cool quarter mill to pay for Bush's inauguration, for example.

In case you didn't know, Mickey D, Bush isn't exactly Mr. Popular around the world; and not even in America any more either. Don't think you fund these kind of wackos with impunity. People see what you're doing and react to it. My first computer was a Dell and I bought several more Dells in succession. Then I learned about Mickey Dell's political proclivities. I won't be buying any more.

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