Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's official : France is now America's Most Contemptible Stooge

I can't believe this. France might rejoin NATO as a full member of the alliance. From being a proud voice of dissent, Sarko has turned France into America's most contemptible stooge.

I felt sick when he was elected. "America has a new stooge today," I thought. Then he seemed a little more nuanced than I had given him credit for. And I thought the pressure of public opinion would constrain any overly-eager pro-American tendencies he had. But it begins to look as if my original impression was the right one. What an embarrassment to France he is, going on his sad little jogging expeditions.

And what is Sarkozy asking for in return for rejoining NATO as a full member? That America should lift its objections to the European Union developing a military arm. As if we need their permission. It seems as if the entire current generation of European leaders consists of nothing but spineless poltroons.

As if that was enough, according to this article in Le Monde, Sarko has become Bush's premier lobbyist within the councils of the European Union, pushing for the EU to ramp up sanctions on Iran so the Americans can soften up their next victim.

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