Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Americans Cosseted the Franco Dictatorship

Great article in Counterpunch about how the Americans cosseted the Franco Dictatorship from the end of the Second World War until its end. Despite all their palaver about democracy, the only thing they really cared about was securing Spanish military bases for US troops.

When popular ferment threatened to boil over in the 1970s, the Americans developed a plan to install and support some right-wing rump government in Spain's outlying islands and coastal areas if a leftist government should take over in Madrid. They even pushed for dictatorial Spain to be admitted to NATO, but the European countries, in a rare fit of courage, managed to veto that plan.

Monday, 17 September 2007

Blackwater Scum get their Comeuppance

Hahahahaha. Looks like it's the end of the Bablyon road for the verminous troops of Blackwater Security. The Iraqi government has just banned them from operating in Iraq and several face trial for butchering a group of civilians after a mortar shell landed near them. Of course, massacring everyone in the vicinity when an explosion occurs is something US troops do routinely, but the Iraqi stooge government isn't likely to ban them. We'll see if it remains firm enough to maintain the ban on Blackwater once the Americans start to put the pressure on. Probably not, but you can always hope.

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Greenspan on the Iraq war

Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan says the Iraq war was about ... oil. No way!

Thursday, 13 September 2007

It's official : France is now America's Most Contemptible Stooge

I can't believe this. France might rejoin NATO as a full member of the alliance. From being a proud voice of dissent, Sarko has turned France into America's most contemptible stooge.

I felt sick when he was elected. "America has a new stooge today," I thought. Then he seemed a little more nuanced than I had given him credit for. And I thought the pressure of public opinion would constrain any overly-eager pro-American tendencies he had. But it begins to look as if my original impression was the right one. What an embarrassment to France he is, going on his sad little jogging expeditions.

And what is Sarkozy asking for in return for rejoining NATO as a full member? That America should lift its objections to the European Union developing a military arm. As if we need their permission. It seems as if the entire current generation of European leaders consists of nothing but spineless poltroons.

As if that was enough, according to this article in Le Monde, Sarko has become Bush's premier lobbyist within the councils of the European Union, pushing for the EU to ramp up sanctions on Iran so the Americans can soften up their next victim.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Are the Dems going to let them steal the next one too?

Here's a great article from Steven Rosenfeld about how the Republicans are getting ready to steal the next election. They're using bogus statistics and an obscure provision in the Orwellianly-named "Help America Vote Act" to force states to purge their voter rolls, knowing full well that the purges will affect likely Democratic voters disproportionately.

Mickey D Fights for his Fatcat Life

So Dell is trying to claw its way back from the doldrums? Mickey D is back in charge. He thinks the company hasn't focused enough on retail; hasn't paid enough attention to ordinary punters; and has remained rigidly stuck in its old ways. That's what accounts for the dip in its fortunes, according to him.

What apparently hasn't occurred to him is that many people are now boycotting his failing company because they know that he has handed over wads of cash to Bush : a cool quarter mill to pay for Bush's inauguration, for example.

In case you didn't know, Mickey D, Bush isn't exactly Mr. Popular around the world; and not even in America any more either. Don't think you fund these kind of wackos with impunity. People see what you're doing and react to it. My first computer was a Dell and I bought several more Dells in succession. Then I learned about Mickey Dell's political proclivities. I won't be buying any more.